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‘Future Explorations in Space’ by author Joseph J. O’Donnell

June 27th, 2014

Enterprise1-640x353The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is about to embark on a series of articles involving Future Explorations in Space. We are hoping to involve all the scientists and college professors that have appeared in our Science section since its addition in our publication.

NASA has been gearing for this as other nations have now set future dates for trips to the Moon and Mars. In my article ‘Space- Our Manifest Destiny’ (click on to see article) which appeared in the Science section of our publication for July 24, 2013, I have been promoting the theory in a number of colleges that follow our magazine. I also hope that college students, led by their professors, can add to future articles as well. To have them participate in this series is the main purpose for its undertaking. Read more »

TAEM interview with actor Ashton Bingham

June 27th, 2014

Ashton-Bingham-head-shotTAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has many followers among students of the Arts who use our publication as a learning tool to hone their careers. By taking the learning experiences of successful actors they are able to undertake the learning processes and avoid the pitfalls of those that we have interviewed.

One of the success stories that we like to tackle is the transition from television to the silver screen. We also like to explore the differences between the two types of acting for our readers to digest. One actor who straddles these venues is Ashton Bingham.

Ashton, what enticed you to take up acting for your career and who were your greatest influences to do so?

AB- I was first enticed at the age of 8, when my grandfather taught me a magic trick. That small action became the catalyst that completely shaped the rest of my childhood, all the way through high school. Every fiber of my being looked forward to learning my next magic trick, and performing it for my next spectator. I wasn’t much of a partier in school; I spent my time and allowance practicing, honing my sleight of hand, and acquiring more learning materials. By the time college hit, I was working very consistently in the northern Nevada area at corporate gigs, kids’ birthday parties, restaurants, and theaters, performing everything from close up card tricks, to large stage illusions (yes I did cut my assistant in half!). How did this lead me to acting you ask?? Well, like magic, I had a major fascination with making movies and acting in them. It was hard to catch me without a camera in my hand; but despite the fact that this hobby fell by the wayside a bit when magic came along, it was a fire inside me that never died. As I was finishing up my second year of college, I had to pick a direction. And as much as I would have loved to have my own show in Vegas…I dreamt bigger. It took me about 9 months, but I made all the necessary arrangements, packed everything, left everyone I knew, and moved to Los Angeles on January 9th, 2010 – the most exhilarating and terrifying day of my life to date. Read more »

Joseph J. O’Donnell’s “My Virginia: State Arboretum of Virginia”

June 27th, 2014

walk-way     The Commonwealth of Virginia offers a variety of exciting and interesting places to visit. It also offers some historical, educational, and natural wonders to explore.

In some of my last articles I had introduced The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Aldie Mill, and back trail hiking among some other interesting places to visit. One of the best hidden treasures is the State Arboretum of Virginia located near Boyce Virginia just off of Rte. 50 in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The location itself is beautiful with a panoramic view of the Shenandoah Valley a short distance away.

The Arboretum offers several walking trails if you are in a mood for a short hike and wildflower walks for your visual pleasure. The entrance from Rte. 50 leaves you off at a large brick structure which houses an old estate. Many weddings are also held here due to the pleasant surroundings that the site offers. There are also a number of ponds and gentle rolling hills giving a tranquil feeling to all the visitors. Read more »

5 New Poems by Poet Lauriate Candice James

June 27th, 2014
Poet Lauriate Candice James

Poet Lauriate Candice James

A Patch Of Black Grass


I set fire to a patch of black grass

Burnt by an unforgiving sun

Peeling back layers of over-ripe skin

On the seeds of this still-life painting.


This day is a fast rolling ball of fire

Chasing me down like a rabid dog

On the heels of a desperate clown

Walking an ice-glazed tightrope

In loose fitting second hand shoes,

All semblance of balance

Tossed aside for the thrill of the kill.

Read more »

‘The Tweed Update’ by Roger Tweed

June 27th, 2014
Guest Author Roger Tweed

Guest Author Roger Tweed

Tranquil Waters- Our 2014 portfolio took advantage of the very calm trading environment of the past three weeks to post a gain of 3.16%. More significantly, when stocks came under pressure on June 11 and 12, our positions weathered the storm and held on to most of their gains. In contrast, the S&P 500 gained 1.87% in the same period. Since its January 9 inception, our portfolio has risen 7.1%, while the S&P 500 has gained 5.4%.

Our biggest gainer since May 23 was JetBlue Airways (JBLU) which rose 12.3%. The end of winter weather problems, and the carrier’s introduction of its Mint premium service, combined to pique traders’ interest in this laggard of the airline sector. Linn Co., LLC (LNCO), picked up 9% as oil prices rose and the company took steps to shore up its 10% payout. Read more »

J&J Movie Review- X-Men: Days of Future Past

June 27th, 2014

x-men-days-of-future-past-movie-poster1   For another of our Summer movie reviews we had chosen X-Men: Days of Future Past as an exciting addition to the season’s lineup of films. We attended the movie in the Manassas Regal Cinema just off of Rte. 235 and Interstate 66. We found this theater most comfortable and the parking was excellent. We also attended the film during the weekend matinee. This made the viewing more pleasurable as we did not have to deal with large crowds.

The film was one of the better action films in this series. It links a lot of the other films in the X-Men stories together but also digs deep into each of the characters personalities as well. This makes for a more solid story line for the film. Read more »

A New Jim Carrey- The way acting should be! A J&J Movie Review

May 30th, 2014

Jimcarey   Sometimes one must take a step back in order to move forward. So is this true for today’s Cinema. We recently caught The Majestic on HBO. The film made its debut in 2001 and I must admit that I had never seen it. After watching a spate of films with Jim Carrey ( Ace Ventura, The Mask) I was not up to watching more slapstick at that time. Now I regret not seeing it when it first appeared on screen.

The film had followed another attempt by Carrey in The Truman Show, which was first seen in 1998, to reveal his more serious side. Set in 1951, it is about a blacklisted Hollywood writer that gets into a car accident, loses his memory and settles down in a small town where he is mistaken for a long-lost son. Martin Landau plays the role of the father who believes that Carrey, after missing in action during World War II, returns home after suffering memory loss. Laurie Holden, plays Carrey’s sweetheart, and also becomes convinced of Carrey’s new identity. Read more »

NEW! Graphic Designs by Joseph O’Donnell!

May 30th, 2014
Joe O'Donnell, Jr.

Joe O’Donnell, Jr.

In our April 29th issue our photographer, Joseph O’Donnell (click on to see article), announced a new venture that he was undertaking. He stated that he pitching his work in the fields of creating advertising and book cover designs. Since that time he has expanded his creations to producing DVD Covers, Logos, Web Banners, and brochures.

We are very proud of Joe’s accomplishments and we have attached some of his new design creations with this article. If you are interested in having him work up designs for your particular needs you can contact him at odonnellj85(at)yahoo(dot)com. Read more »

TAEM interview with author Jane Bow

May 30th, 2014

author Jane BowTAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine originated to uphold the work of authors and explore the foundation behind their creations. Every good story is based on the author’s own experiences or historical facts, which breathe life into a writer’s work. This adds to the realism of the story.
We are therefore proud to introduce author Jane Bow to all of our readers. Jane, tell us about your childhood and how your parents’ careers helped shape your future.

JB- My parents were Canadian diplomats so I spent more than half my childhood abroad, in New York City, in Spain during the 1950’s, and behind the Iron Curtain in Czechoslovakia at the height of the Cold War. The school I went to in Spain was an old French Lycee, dark, grimy windows, a dirt courtyard to play in with a high wall separating girls from boys. Girls who didn’t pay attention in class were tied to their chairs or made to stand in the waste basket. I played in Spanish, learned in French, spoke English at home. When I returned to Canada, I was amazed to see colored leaf projects on the classroom walls, and kids leaping up to do the twist as soon as the teacher left the room. Read more »

TAEM Interview with Actress Yenis Monterrey

May 30th, 2014

photo5TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is always interested in presenting new talent to all of our readers. We search world-wide to find it and found some of the most exciting new faces are in our own backyard. The beautiful actress Yenis Monterrey hails from Texas but originally came from Venezuela and possesses an array of talent and experience that is simply amazing.
Yenis, please tell our readers about your childhood and what brought you to America.

YM- I had an incredible childhood always surrounded by family, food, and big parties and music were always part of everyday life. I grew up in a patriarchal home, where the father always takes control of the family and you can’t leave home if you are a woman unless you get married. I finished Law School and two Masters in Communication and Finance. I had a great job as an attorney at a Corporate Bank and then I got promoted overseas with a great opportunity to improve my English at the University of Texas. I always had the desire of improving my English skills and finally my dream became real. Read more »

TAEM interview with author Lisa Llamrei

May 30th, 2014

Lisa Llamrei picTAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine always seeks new writers to display to our readership. In this way they can sample new venues and explore the many talents that are available to them.
One new writer who has made their way onto our list is Lisa Llamrei who hails from Toronto, Canada. Lisa, tell us about your home town and your urban lifestyle.

LL- I was born in Toronto, but except for a brief period while I was in university, I haven’t lived in the city itself since 1980. But I’ve always been nearby. Right now, I live about an hour’s drive away, in a town that has only a few hundred residents. It’s the best of both worlds. We can enjoy all of Toronto’s cultural experiences. My children have spent a lot of time at the Science Centre and the Metro Zoo, we sometimes spend a weekend watching the Blue Jays, and I LOVE the Royal Ontario Museum. I’ve been able to take the kids to world class performances of the National Ballet, and the theater district. At home, we enjoy open space, a small community, and a more relaxed pace. Read more »

TAEM News Flash! Professor Harold Geller in the News!

May 30th, 2014

Professor Geller's TV appearanceWe recently learned that Dr. Harold Geller (click on to see the article), who we first interviewed in our December 15th, 2012 issue, has just published a new book. The book’s title is All the Secrets of the Universe and it is in large print. The book can be purchased on Amazon at:

Professor Geller, who teaches at George Mason University in Northern Virginia, has been very active lately and has appeared on television on The Road to Reason : The Skeptic’s Guide to the 21st Century. He stated that “You may be interested in knowing that this past Sunday, at 3PM, I was interviewed on a cable TV show on Channel 36 regarding the latest data from Antarctica relating to the inflationary epoch of the big bang theory.  Here’s a link to a portion of show on which I appeared (from minute 1:20-1:50 and 8:40-25:46 in video).” Read more »

5 Poems by Guest Poet Laureate Candice James

May 30th, 2014
Guest Poet Candice James

Guest Poet Candice James

© Candice James, Poet Laureate


The Sound of Shadows


In the sound of shadows

Circular haloes extend themselves

Through hollow nights

And non-descript days

Chewing on sunbeams and moonglow

Exhaling mist and fog

Into my already dampened spirit Read more »

‘Spiderman vs. Godzilla’ a J&J Movie Review

May 30th, 2014

Godzilla 2014 movie poster   As things go we decided to do two movie reviews this month as the theaters were finally starting to heat up. Our attention was glued on action movies once again and two of our opening salvoes centered on The Amazing Spiderman and Godzilla. Both reviews were done on matinee schedules so that we did not have to fight the crowds.

For the ‘Spiderman’ movie we attended the Regal Cinema Theater in Manassas, Virginia. Here the theater was easily accessible and the seats were very comfortable. We had split feelings about this movie. My son favored this movie as the lead actor, Andrew Garfield, was more true to form then his predecessor, Tobey Maguire. Tobey superseded this role and performed excellently in the film Ride with the Devil in 1999. I believe that the Civil War Western brought out his finer qualities. Read more »

‘The Tweed Update’ by Roger Tweed

May 30th, 2014
Guest Author Roger Tweed

Guest Author Roger Tweed

Rough and Tumble – Like the major averages, our 2014 Portfolio bounced around between gains and losses over the past five weeks. In the end, strong showings from JetBlue Airways (JBLU), Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), Hertz (HTZ), and Facebook (FB) overcame a big loss in Bank of America (BAC), and losses in Goodyear (GT) and LinnCo, LLC. (LNCO), to record a gain of 1.1%. During the same period, the S&P 500 gained 1.9%. Since our portfolio’s January 9 inception, it has risen 3.81% while the S&P 500 has gained 3.43%.

JetBlue led the portfolio, gaining 5.7%. After the company reported first quarter earnings and revenue that missed estimates in late April, the shares were punished. Since then they have recovered nicely as investors attributed the misses to bad weather in the Northeast, and to Easter and Passover taking place in the second quarter of 2014 versus the first quarter of 2013. Read more »

TAEM’s ‘New’ interview with actress Ellen Dubin!

April 29th, 2014

Ellen-DubinTAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine constantly checks into the whereabouts of all those that we have had interviews in the past. In this way we keep our readers abreast of the success stories that have developed for them. This is also true for those readers who are students of the Arts so as to show them that the strides of the many personalities that have appeared in our magazine can be used as examples for their own course in their careers.

Such is the case for Gemini nominated actress Ellen Dubin(click on to see article) who we first interviewed in our May 1st, 2010 issue. Ellen’s career has been followed in our magazine since then. We checked with her recently and saw that her career was still going strong.

Ellen we learned that you have expanded your career and have done voice acting alongside of your growing acting career. How much different is this for you in blending in with the characters that you represent ?

ED- I think it is a wonderful extension of the training and work I have already done in the entertainment business. I believe that every job you do in acting contributes to another job. Because of my theater background voice work, especially in video games and animation, comes naturally to me. As a voice actor, you have to quickly analyze the text and make choices and deliver a fully fleshed out performance by breaking down a script and figuring out all the lovely delicious things about your character’s goals and relationships in the script. If it isn’t on the page, then you have to also go with your gut and have a great sense of play and imagination. Read more »

Our Photographer’s New Venture – Advertising Art & Book Covers!

April 29th, 2014
Joe O'Donnell, Jr.

Joe O’Donnell, Jr.

Joe O’Donnell IV has long been a photographer and article writer for The Arts and Entertainment Magazine & THE EERIE DIGEST. He is also one of our touted pair in our ‘J&J Movie Review’ series. He has now set his sites on an all new venture: Creating Advertising Art and Book Cover Designs.

Joe’s artistic talents have developed early in life and his knack for photography has made these magazines a success. He is also the one that developed the initial name for the magazine known as THE EERIE DIGEST. His computer skills created our original blog and has guided us to our present day publications. At present he is also developing several comic strips, one of which, The Elders, has appeared in one of our last issues. Read more »

‘A Certain Smile’ by Guest Author Glenn James

April 29th, 2014
Author Glenn James

Guest Author Glenn James

I won’t cry for help. I know there’s only one soul out there who can hear me, and I’m too frightened as it is. They must be pretty close by now, I can hear the movements getting nearer, and it’s too horrible to think about; I need to save my strength. No-one else will hear me now, I’m too far off the beaten track, and the chances are pretty remote.

It’s like being lost in the Everglades. Tall weeds and bushes follow the path for miles, clinging to its fringes like an encroaching disease. Like a ghost suffering from a fever, it wanders crazily, winding in and out of odd little copses where you aren’t even sure how close to the river you are anymore. It’s really deceptive, because all of a sudden you see it’s only about a foot away through the brambles. One minute you are right next to the cocoa coloured waters, and the next you could be a hundred yards back inland. I don’t believe a bird could see that route clearly from above, so tangled and winding is the path.

Every now and then a clapped out a knackered boat will loom up through the leaves out of nowhere, its stained bow yoked to the bank with a filthy umbilical cord of slimy blue-nylon rope. There are quite a few along the way, their tiny walkways overflowing with rough firewood, and the hoods over their cabs permanently aloft, weathered grey-green and patched with gaffer tape. Ancient bikes and nervous dogs are stationed on the decks, and little disturbs their solitude, except from the ebb and flow of the tide, the silent swans, or the raucous cries of the rowing coaches bumping along the opposite bank at dawn and dusk, swearing at their crews. Read more »

TAEM News Flash! Our publisher’s new Art Site!

April 29th, 2014
Joseph O'Donnell

Joseph O’Donnell

Our publisher, Joseph J. O’Donnell, has now posted his latest paintings on DeviantArt ! You can now buy a print of his work through this site.

You can find his listings at:

We hope that all our readers, along with his friends and fans, purchase prints of his work in order that he can expand our magazine site.


5 Poems by Poet Laureate Candice James

April 29th, 2014
Guest Poet Candice James

Guest Poet Candice James


© Candice James, Poet Laureate


I crack the skin of the moon

In the slick black cradle of night


I bind my lips to a star

To burn off my scars

To cremate my sins

To polish the edge of this dream

And shine the tears in my eyes

To a cool blue ice Read more »